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In a nutshell: Customize Windows’ original right-click context menu using this free, portable and open-source utility meant to enhance your workflow #Context menu #Registry editor #Custom commands #Context #Menu #Editor #Organizer

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What's new in Context Menu Manager

  • Urgently fix the bug that the native menu of WinX system cannot be disabled when it is disabled;
  • Optimize some logic;
  • Added Russian translation.
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Operating systems represent the core of our interaction with computers, and many can agree that customization is an important part of enhancing that synergy with the digital realm. As such, users with mouse-based workflows who prefer the old version of Windows’ right-click context menu may wish to declutter it and add custom entries for increasing productivity levels.

While some can be inclined to ask for such features from original developers, chances are the open-source community has already created a solution, which is where Context Menu Manager comes into play with its user-friendly interface and endless customization possibilities.

Clean up your menus

By default, users are greeted to a clean interface organized in a dual-pane layout, with four major categories of options available up top for quickly jumping to the desired set of commands. In the Home section, the left side groups context menu options according to the type of item they interact with, be it a file, folder or the desktop, for users to better visualize the changes they make.

One of the program’s greatest strengths lie in how straightforward it is to get rid of unwanted options that simply clutter your Windows’ right-click context menu. For example, users who only have one account on their personal computer may find no need for having the option to “Give access to” other accounts, and the option can get in the way of copying the path of a file.

Additionally, those who rarely use Microsoft Store or UWP versions of apps will rarely benefit from retaining the Share option, which is meant to easily send content to such programs. Inexperienced or casual users who never have to interact with the command prompt can remove the option to open folders in the Windows Terminal for a more easily accessible command list.

Limitless possibilities

On top of removing unnecessary options to experience fewer accidental touches, the program allows users to create custom menu items whose display text, icon and command arguments can be fully edited and put into multiple sub-menus for users to easily access at any point.

For instance, the latest Windows version removed the option to quickly edit pictures with Microsoft Paint, making users navigate to the “Open with” menu to execute that function. However, thanks to this program, one can easily specify the location of the app and create shortcuts for opening various type of file using any program they want, including Paint.

While those experienced with registry commands can automate even more mundane tasks, plenty of users will find good use in the preloaded sets of menu enhancements, ranging from being able to access the control panel and computer shutdown options to editing the firewall rules of an executable straight from the context menu in order to save time and energy in the process.

Incredibly useful context menu editor

Whether you want to add context menu shortcuts to apps that you frequently use in order to avoid dragging and dropping files into them, or you simply wish to remove options that you rarely make use of, Context Menu Manager is an excellent tool meant to augment the Windows usage experience through its registry editing capabilities.

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Context Menu Manager

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